Hello Saigon, here is “Mon Cannelé” and this is the Story…

The story begins in 2020 in Saigon. Two people – a woman from Russia and a man from France, housemates and coworkers, started dreaming of a pastry shop. The idea was to sell only one cake but with different flavors. This cake is Cannelé – a small pastry from France. Originally Cannelé is flavored with vanilla and rum but we decided to offer it in different sizes and flavors to suit all tastes.

Long 3 years passed by … and now we decided to start a new chapter of our story. We started with Cannelé and now it will be the main product of our new brand – a fusion between traditional French pastry and the flavors of Vietnam.

Mon Cannelé in French means – My cannelé – and we started this brand with the desire to create the perfect treat for everyone. We want to share our passion for this small French pastry with Vietnamese people by using local ingredients and flavors.

  • Thibault MARTIN




  • Kim Ngan

    Executive Assistant